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I am an innovative, fearless and altruistic musician who seamlessly blends genres with mastery and wisdom to loyal , expressive and courageous audiences so that they can feel love, awareness, and have fun, creating a unique, musical experience that is unforgettable. 





"...Seamlessly Blends Genres With Mastery And Wisdom To Loyal, Courageous And Expressive Audiences..."

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"...An innovative, Fearless And Altruistic Musician..."


“No one can tell you what to do, if you do what you need to do for yourself.”
— Cole Williams
I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
— Mother Teresa
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Sin City the mixtape

by Cole Williams

"SIN CITY the mixtape" is the 4th studio album by Cole Williams, and is Composed, Produced, Arranged, Programmed, Played and Performed entirely by Ms. Williams.

"I Am The Punk Empress Of African Rock And A Pioneer For The Fearless Person In Everyone."

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"The Punk Empress Of African Rock seamlessly meld Africa Rhythms With Pop And Soul Melodies, Delivere In An Elegant, Eccentric And Fashion Forward Package."

Cole is also a well sought after session singer for record labels and jungle houses,- recording with Diane Birch, Joey Bada$$, CoverGirl, JC Penny, to name a few.